USB HUB Orico W5P-U3 4 Port USB 3.0 HUB with Micro USB Power Supply

1. USB 3.0 high speed interface.
2. 4 ports large power capacity version: High speed, sufficient power supply, more stable USB 3.0 superspeed HUB, with micro 5V port.
3. External power supply can drive large capacity hard disks: The reserved micro-B interface provides additional 5V voltage, easy to drive large power peripherals, no DC charger required, an Android cable is enough.
4. 4 ports can simultaneous reading of multiple devices.
5. Powerful core, superspeed processing: With the strong inner core, optimized circuit and excellent performance, easy to cope with even the maximum computation.
6. Mini design, handle in hand, easy to carry.
7. With a mild blue LED power indicator, fully master the running status, and the blue light on when operating.

Model W5P-U3-30
Material ABS
Types HUB
Interface USB 3.0, Micro USB
Power Supply DC 5.0V

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