Logitech R500 Laser Presentation Remote R500 / R 500 laser Pointer
Presentation remote

Height: 123.6 mm
Width: 36.6 mm
Depth: 24.7 mm
Weight: 48.4 g, included Battery (not including Receiver)


Height: 6.6 mm
Width: 17.5 mm
Depth: 25.0 mm
Weight: 2 g

Technical Specifications

Class: 1 laser
Max output: less than .039 mW
Wavelength: 640-660 nm (red light)


Battery: 12 months + 1 extra week without laser pointer 1When your battery is low, the R500s goes into a 'power-saving' mode – disabling the laser to extend battery life so you can continue presenting for an extra week. Battery life may vary based on use and computing conditions.
Indicator Lights (LED): Battery and Connectivity LED


Connection Type: Bluetooth low energy technology and 2.4GHz wireless connection
Wireless range: 20 m 2

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